Who We Are

Style U is committed to offering superior services to each client by helping to transform you into the person you desire to be! We work to discover your very own unique sense of style, your lifestyle needs and your personality. These characteristics are then manifested into hand-selected pieces that empower and provide confidence to each client.

Our goal is to educate each client on ways to effortlessly achieve your desired look. We do so by maximizing the use of your existing and familiar items while supplementing your wardrobe with essential pieces. We select clothing items that work well with each client’s unique body type and represent your personality and individual style.

Perception is powerful! Style U desires to harness that power and manifest it into an image that is captivatingly YOU. Style U boasts personal stylists and MUA’s that have provided services to clients in the Midwest and the South for over 10 years. With each encounter, we continue to transform the lives of women from all walks of life.

“Placing your wardrobe in the hands of others can be overwhelming and a bit unsettling. At Style U, we work diligently to ensure that we craft an image that is pleasing to you and the envy of others."

What We Do

We make you feel and look your best each time you step out into the world. We aid women in reaffirming their self-esteem and enhancing their natural beauty, using customized styling tips that will help boost short-term confidence and contribute to long-term self-worth. This is more than a business. Style U is a lifestyle!

Meet The Founder

One of the biggest accomplishments in my life was discovering who I am and the purpose God has for me. When I was confronted by the woman in the mirror, I looked back in awe and was pleased with what I saw. It’s an indescribable feeling! Loving yourself 100% of time and presenting an image to the world that is bold, strong and fearless. So, who am I? I am fashion. I am style. I am creative. Style is my LIFE!