Style U’s Image Construction

"Perception is Powerful"

Style U's Image Construction – A Four Step System:

  1. Step One: Help Us Get to Know You! - Clients complete a Style U questionnaire to identify wants and needs; likes and dislikes.  
  2. Step Two: Visualize! - Clients will receive an electronic “Style board” used to provide the client with a preview of their new style and provide inspiration for the work ahead.
  3. Step Three: Organize! – Style U consultants will examine the client’s closet and decide what clothing to keep and what to discard. 
  4. Step Four: Follow-Up! – Style U Consultants may be contracted to periodically examine the client’s wardrobe and shop for key pieces that will help the client continue to fall in line with their new style.

Style U's Makeup Academy

“Enhancing natural beauty”

Style U's Makeup Academy – A Four Step System:

  1. Step one: Consultation! – Clients will enjoy an initial meet and greet used to identify makeup and lifestyle needs. Client will discuss current makeup routine.
  2. Step Two: Demonstrate: Clients will demonstrate their makeup application. MUA will take note of products and techniques used.
  3. Step Three: Visualize! Client will receive an electronic file suggesting new makeup looks and suggested products for purchase.
  4. Step four: Application! MUA will demonstrate proper application of makeup using products clients have purchased. MUA and client will discuss proper techniques and color usage.